Nenasa Live

What is Nenasa Live ?
Nenasa Live is an online learning Website, which enables you to access educational content which can be easily accessed by Students who are located island-wide.
How do I use Nenasa Live ?
You may access the Nenasa Live at this place
How can I view Nenasa Live ?
You may access Nenasa Live via a Smart TV, Your computer, Your Tablet, or Your Smart Phone
Does Nenasa Live work on IPhone and Mac ?
Yes you may access Nenasa Live via IPhone and Mac computer
IPhones and Mac computers use a different streaming protocol hence you will have to refresh the viewer every time a new program starts.
This is a feature in IPhone and Mac which is setup to save you bandwidth
Where can I get help if it does not work ?
We have a help line and you may call us on any dialog phone to 1777
You may also email us to Email:
What are the terms of conditions of use ?
For Terms and Conditions of Nenasa Live please click here